Arun Shourie slams Modi government

Former Union minister Arun Shourie chose the harshest possible words to denounce Prime Minister Narendra Modi while rating two years of the NDA government. In an interview to  India Today TV, Shourie, who is no longer part of the BJP , termed the NDA regime as “one-man presidential government without checks and balances“, adding that “the direction the government is taking under (Modi's) supervision is dangerous“ for the country . Known for his loyalty to party veteran L K Advani, Shourie has been sidelined in the current NDA regime although he held prominent positions under the Vajpayee dispensation.
Shourie said Modi had the qualities of “the dark triad“, a concept well-known in psychology. He identified these as “narcissism“, which he said was both “self-love to an exaggerated extent and insecurity“. He also compared Modi to “Casanova“ who, he explained, “has to reassure himself every night he can still conquer“.
Shourie said the second quality was “Machiavellianism“, which means Modi “exploits events to his benefit“. Shourie said “his attitude to people is to use and throw them. He treats them like paper napkins“. He said the third quality of the dark triad, as exhibited by Modi, was “remorselessness“ which, he said, “means never saying sorry for what happens as a consequence of what you do“. He compared Modi's two years in office “as a boxing match with everybody“, adding, “Modi hasn't had the focus we expected of him. A great opportunity is completely missed.“
The former minister said one problem was that the PM one problem was that the PM was “getting input from very few people and they are, additionally , the people he's chosen“. “There was a clear line of logic or theme that linked ghar wapsi, love jihad, beef ban, the return of awards, the campaign against anti-nationalism, the focus on Bharat Mata ki Jai and student protests,“ Shourie said. “The intention was to create confrontation and polarization,“ he said.
Shourie said Modi was deliberately dividing India, calling it a policy of “divide and rule“. However, Shourie agreed that under Modi, corruption at the Centre had diminished or disappeared but he said nothing was done to contain corruption in states.
He cited Vyapam, Lalit Modi, Chhattisgarh and Saradha. He slammed the Modi government for deliberately refusing to appeal against the acquittal by the trial court of Orsi and Spagnolini in the AgustaWestland case. “When the Italian appeals court judge accused the Indian government of helplessness, he was specifically referring to the Modi government,“ Shourie claimed. On Parrikar's speech in Rajya Sabha, Shourie used a Hindi metaphor to say it was like digging amountain to find not a mouse, but “an invisible chuha“. He castigated the NDA for central rule in Uttarakhand and Arunachal Pradesh and termed it “unconstitutional“.

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