Like Diwali in April....

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took part in the ‘diya jalao’ event on Sunday night as a show of the nation’s resolve to fight the coronavirus with his attire sending out a subtle message of national integration — a combination of ‘mundu’ from the South and an Assamese ‘gamosa’ from the northeast.

The PM joined millions of Indians as they lit up ‘diyas’ and candles at their doorstep and balconies to express solidarity in the fight against Covid-19 spread. In a video message on Friday, Modi had urged people to light up diyas, candles, mobile flashlights etc to show national solidarity in fighting the pandemic.

Modi’s call of ‘diya jalo’ call too received an overwhelming response. He shared four pictures of him lighting up a diya while wearing mundu and draped with a ‘Asami gamchha’, a message that the whole nation is together in the fight against Covid-19. He shared a Sanskrit Shloka — “Shudha Karoti Kalyanmarogyam Dhansampada, Shatrubuddhi Vinashay Deepjyotirnmastute” (lighting up a lamp leads to prosperity, welfare and defeat of the enemy’s ploy).

Top functionaries of BJP followed suit by lighting up diyas at 9pm.

Home Minister Amit Shah, defence minister Rajnath Singh, Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla and most of the Union ministers and other senior members shared their pictures of lighting lamp on their social media handles.

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