Ahmedabad's Civil Hospital

Two months after the Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad became the target of a terrorist attack which killed 32 persons, the health department is abuzz with an ambitious plan drawn by the Gujarat government to turn it into the world’s biggest hospital. A proposal has been drawn up to seek World Bank aid for a nine-storeyed 2,000-bed building on Civil Hospital premises, raising its capacity to 4,800 beds. Currently, a Johannesburg hospital is considered the world’s biggest hospital with 3,200 beds. The Rs 1,200-crore project will add to the hospital’s existing capacity of 2,800 beds, which already makes Civil Hospital the largest hospital in Asia.Civil Hospital is housed in a sprawling 110-acre area, where over 13 lakh patients are treated and nearly 80,000 surgeries performed annually. It also has autonomous kidney, cancer, heart, eye, paraplegia, dental and TB hospitals located on its campus, if all are taken into account, the number of beds goes up to 3,500. Officials confirmed that the plan would not only add to health care facilities but help start two new medical colleges which would create an additional 500 seats.“The state government will ask for a loan from World Bank to fund this project,” said a senior health official. Initially, the plan was to augment the existing facilities. “One plan was to add five new floors to the existing four-storeyed hospital but there were concerns that the structure would not withstand it,” said an official. The new building will probably come up in the New Mental Hospital compound. “There are plans to pull down A, B, C and D blocks of PG Hospital and construct a special hostel complex which will have rooms for students on campus,” said a senior official. Even as Rs 1,200-crore New Civil Hospital is being planned with additional 2,000 beds, the existing Civil Hospital is undergoing a complete make-over to become the next AIIMS of the country. Work has already started from Rs 100-crore grant given by Centre as part of Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojya (PMSSY) with Rs 20-crore support from state government. This is set to radically change infrastructure and quality treatment people ever got in a public hospital. Be it liposuction, computer-guided knee replacement, spine surgery or even IVF, after this makeover Civil Hospital will become the new one-stop destination for state-of-theart medical care at exceptionally affordable prices.The public hospital will be complete with sparkling wards with power-elevation hospital beds, phones and referigerators for patients, ultra-modern modular operation theatres with laminar air-flow to cut infections and the most advanced medical equipment in all departments. The hospital would also offer cosmetic procedures like liposuction for which one would not be required to pay Rs 25,000-1 lakh charged by private hospitals for liposuction.The orthopaedic department that already does most advanced knee and hip-joint replacements will be bolstered by computer navigation equipement worth lakhs to enable surgeons to perform precise spine and orthopaedic surgeries that are offered by just a handful of hospitals in the state. Boon for infertile couples would the new IVF centre in Civil to be developed at a cost of Rs 5.5 crore. This would be the first full-fledged test-tube baby centre developed in a public hospital.“IVF treatment runs in lakhs of rupees which few people can afford. We will be able to give these services at half the rates,” said professor of gynaecology Dr B Leuva.

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