BRTS in Vizag and Vijayawada

The Andhra Pradesh cabinet has decided to form a special purpose vehicle (SPV) for implementation of bus rapid transit system in Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam. This system was conceived with the idea of improving urban transport in the cities. According to the concept, separate lanes will be laid on either side of the central median on the road which will be earmarked for exclusive operation of buses. This would improve the ridership on public transport buses, reduce congestion and travel time, improve environmental quality and will provide better quality of life. Similar system is in use in Latin American countries, China and Korea. The routes to be covered under the scheme in Vijayawada are Police control room, Railway station, CK Reddy road, Satyanarayana Puram, Railway track road, Machavaram down-Ramavarapadu junction, NTR health University, Benz circle, IGMC stadium and state guest house covering a distance of 15.5 kms at an estimated cost of Rs 152.64 crore. In Visakhapatnam, the areas where this system would operate are Pendurthi transit corridor to Dwarkanagar via NAD junction covering 22.6 kms at a cost of Rs 190.97 crore. It will also run on Simhacahalam transit corridor from Vepagunta to Dwarkanagar via Simhachalam covering 20.5 kms at an estimated cost of Rs 261.96 crore.The government of India would bear 50 per cent of the cost, state government 20 per cent and local urban bodies the balance 30 per cent. A board of directors headed by commissioner of the respective municipal corporations would be designated as chairman of the SPV.

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Anonymous said...

ya its good but certain political bodies are getting intouch with local public and trying to stop BRTS in visakhapatnam, Ward no 36 corporator is the one who is trying to stop this, she has no idea of what BRTS is but only thing she says is that public are getting affected, its true that public gets affected but recovery measures are being taken by the GOVT, so if the general public doesn't support such developments then how can we improve our infrastructure and without it how can we assume that one day INDIA will be developed.i think one and all should think abt it and INDIA lags behind development of Infrastructure.........we all need to sacrifice certain things to make india the most beautiful and developed country or else we can give nothing to our future generations.