Cheeky ad ..lol !


Bangalore premi said...

This is for the person who is responsible for this website
Why the hell u have named this leavingbangalore.com.
it sends a bad message to the public.
i know there are lot of problems in Bangalore,but it is not the right way to deal it. if u want to solve these things u have a great opportunity to bring those culprit politicians out who are the cause for all this and u can create awareness in the people how they can save Bangalore. it is very easy to sit in a cabin infront of the desktop and talking about all these but when u come out and speak then it matters. please dont play with emotions. Just to make money u r using the name of Bangalore and u r spoiling the name. this is really cheapest thing that an educated like u doing. Either u change the name of this website and all the signboards u have put or some body is going to sue u for this

Anonymous said...

For the bangalore premi.FYI.You are wrong in telling that politicians are responsible for the situation India is facing now. they r one among us.. humans???!! right,.?so don`t try to pass the buck..its all of our( yours and mine ) responsibility to initate change and revolution.how many of the bangaloreans do deligintly wear helmets..?? they wear it out of fear for the policemen..not out of responsibility? how many of us instead of taking the penalty slip from the traffic police have bribed them petty amounts and escaped?(are we no t encouraging them and corruption?) how many of us have stopped smoking in public? how many of us follow lane discipline while riding or driving?? how many of us follow the speed limits in different roads.? how many of us make use of the public transport rather than private vehicles when the govt is begging to do so? (keeping in mind the pollution,traffic congestion and the Peak-Oil situation).How many of us have given money to the bus conductor and not taken the ticket (indirectly encouraging corruption).How many of us (despite the govt`s repeated appeal) litter the roads,spit ont he roads and for guys... urinate on the roads?? talking about gandhiji and non-violence..do anybody remembers that while dring /riding??? how many of us really obey the traffic rules?? change should start from us not from politicians. if we are strong ,we means the people of India,then no politicians can fool us..
We Are Strong But We are wasting our strengths by blaming the others.

Trigya said...

I would request all people living in Bangalore( whether they are outsiders or locals), please wake up and rebel.Whether it means by posting your views on internet or by complaining to the local authorities. If we keep quiet, its only going to make things worse.

I would request all local Bangaloreans to be helpful to outsiders and to be friendly and if you see anyone misbehaving
(especially the autowalas),kindly help.

Bangalore badly needs help and the anger and frustrations building up are only making things worse.

I thinks its a wake up call.

Unknown said...

pLS WE(YOU,ME)SHOULD NOT BLAME POLITICIANS,first we have to change our self,how many of them doing that?in bangalore 75%people from out siders.they only spoiling this beautiful garden city.,am i wright?so please obey the trafic rools,give the respect to womens,keep the city clean,learn to speak kannada,it will help you more(especialy auto drivers if you talking in kannada they wont demand you to pay more)please try to do from today..........,.

harsha said...

I am a kannadiga and staying in another state from last 1 and half year, Bangalore is the one place were i want to come back such a lovely place.Is it the blog is trying to show negativeness of the city to the world? i don't know?.But compared to all other cities in India u cannot get a cosmopolitan city like Bangalore.Mind it every city in the world is having problem and all can be solved.
Either u change the name of this website and all the signboards u have put or some body is going to sue u for this

Rohit Dabrai said...

The leaving bangalore website is just a marketing gimmick for a travel agency based in that city.We don't have to take it so seriously!

Poorvi said...

i love bangalore.everyone loves their place.the logo itself misleading everyone.we r indians,we are all one.everyone has the right to live in anywhere they want.we should think unity.
so by maintaining peace in the india,we should live like a family

Anonymous said...

I agree with what Rohit said,
Its a marketing gimick. But nevertheless there are better ways to promote one's idea.
This is absolutely offending and can be misused by unethical elements and political gain.
Where ever your are from, be a BAGALOREAN when you are in BENAGALURU.
Its individuals who have to get adjusted to the place, culture and people and not the other way round.
Shouting online is ok, instead try to create awarness around you, thats how you become a true BANGALOREAN.

nuthanenator said...

WHo ever want to leave , just please leave from here... We are happyw ithout the Migrants... We will remain safe with out Thiefs they come as Migrants too... We are suffering, please go out and then write the bolog or what ever you want.....Of course as we speak kannad we will nto even see what Dogs are Barking on some nonsence Blog or website

Anonymous said...

here is the site owner details:


Spenta Multimedia
Viraf (viraf.spenta@gmail.com)
Penninsuma Spenta
mathuradas Mill Compound
Lower Parel - Dr N.M Joshi Marg
Tel. +022.24811814