Pakistan planning a war against India:Obama

Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama has claimed that Pakistan is misusing US aid to prepare for war against India.In an interview to Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, Obama bluntly articulated what has been said discreetly in Bush administration audits: US aid worth billions to Pakistan, ostensibly meant for the war on terror, has been used by Islamabad to tone up for a possible confrontation against India on its eastern front.‘‘We are providing them military aid without having enough strings attached. So they’re using the military aid... preparing for a war against India,’’ Obama told O’Reilly. Obama has taken a hard line against Pakistani’s descent into fundamentalism, a position attributed in part to his familiarity with the country. He visited there as a student during the Zia ul-Haq years when Pakistan began its move towards ardent Islamisation, and his mother, a liberal NGO, worked in Pakistan for five years.
Obama suggested that he would make sure US military aid to Pakistan needs to be targeted against terrorists, rather than India. Responding to a question on American aid to Pakistan on ‘The O’Reilly Factor’, Obama said : “We’ve wasted $10 billion with Musharraf without holding them accountable for knocking out those safe havens. ... nobody talked about some full-blown invasion of Pakistan, but the simple point that I made was we’ve got to put more pressure on Pakistan to do what they need to do.”

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