What's pending to get the N-Deal done

The US Congress is likely to take up the 123 India-US bilateral civil nuclear cooperation pact when it convenes on September 8. The Congress has to approve the pact by an up and down vote before the Congressional session ends on September 26.The Bush administration will ask Congress not to insist on the mandatory 30-day session period required to present a pact for its approval. As this will technically allow senators to move amendments, the Bush administration has to ensure that the Congress approves the text of the 123 pact without a re-look.The two countries are expected to formally sign the bilateral pact, likely when Dr.Manmohan Singh goes to Washington towards the end of September, the last step that will restore nuclear trade with the US after a gap of 34 years.India will sign similar pacts soon with nuclear suppliers like Russia, France and others in its quest for energy security in the coming decades.

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