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Zinnov Management Consulting, a market globalization Advisory firm has presented a positive & robust outlook on the Indian economy as opposed to the sentiments that are doing rounds in the industry. In a striking contrast to Fitch's recent downgrade of India's credit rating outlook to negative, Zinnov believes this to be a momentary phase and showcased reasons for it to be a promising decade.

Praveen Bhadada director (market expansion) Zinnov said, India is no longer an emerging market but a happening one, where such market ups and downs should be acceptable. Both multinationals as well as Indian companies aspiring for growth should continue to take focus on the long-term view, with which they established their presence in country.

"While quarterly numbers are important, it is also equally essential to focus on market creation activities and opportunity realization to reap benefits in the next five-year horizon. With the rapidly growing internet and mobile user base and increasing demand for services through new technology challenges, investors should not be deterred by a temporary phase when the fundamentals continue to remain strong," he added.

Showcasing and listing some of the strong reasons why various spokes of the ecosystem need to keep faith in these turbulent times, Zinnov brought to light some of the factors on which, we should be betting high on:

India technology consumption is exploding: India currently has over 123 million internet users, over 600 million people use mobile phones, 15 million people do online transactions and over 51 million people log on to Facebook. Over 170 million UID numbers have already been allocated to Indian residents. The $30 B+ domestic IT market is growing at a much faster rate than the exports market. India is already seeing $B+ start-ups emerging. E-commerce market is expected to reach $23 B+ in the next 4 years. Cloud computing is expected to see revenues of the order of $5 B in the next 5 years.

GST implementation will accelerate economic growth: While GST implementation has been long delayed, but once implemented, GST is expected to increase India's GDP by 0.9% to 1.7% as per NCAER. This will also result in export gains of 3.2-6.3% and import gains of 2.4-4.7%. GST along with FDI in retail segment will increase the FMCG industry size by $50 Billion.

Indian MNCs and vast base of SMBs will be impossible to ignore: 61 Indian companies feature in the Forbes list of top 2,000 global companies. Over 175 companies can potentially feature in the list by 2020. India also has 45 million SMBs, making India the second-largest country in terms of SMB potential, next only to China.

Large states in India are already booming: India's top 5 most populous states can hold the combined population of Brazil, Mexico, Philippines, Vietnam and Egypt. Maharashtra's GDP is equivalent to that of Singapore. GDP of states such as Delhi, Bihar, Chattisgarh, and Goa has grown over 10% in FY12. Over 2,700 investor MOUs were signed in Gujarat in just one day as part of the global investors' summit in 2012.

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