UP battles Power shortage

Nightlife in Uttar Pradesh fades out even before the lights are on in full glow. Battling a huge power shortfall, the Uttar Pradesh government on Sunday ordered all shops, malls and commercial establishments to shut at 7pm for the next 15 days. Medicine shops, multiplexes, single-screen cinemas and offices are exempt, but all other commercial activity is required to shut down after dark. This effectively pushes UP back by decades to the pre-liberalization era, when blackouts were common. 
Restaurants will be required to close by 10pm. All 
other commercial establishments, including next-door kirana stores, will have to be shuttered by 7pm. The labour department has threatened strict action against those who flout the order. Some malls in Noida have begun mulling alternatives like diesel-run generators to keep business ticking.
The UP government has withdrawn the order on closure of malls and shops at 7pm and restaurants at 10 pm across the state following large scale protests.
The order was opposed by the traders as well as consumers across the state because in the summer season people go for shopping in the evening, usually after 7 pm. On Sunday evening, clashes between trades and police were also reported from some parts of the state during execution of the order by the police. On Monday, the matter was also raised in the state assembly.

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