China congratulates NaMo

India's biggest and most important neighbour China congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi within minutes of swearing in and described India as a natural cooperative partner.
In a message to PM Modi, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said that China and India are important neighbours to each other and the top two emerging markets in the world. China-India relations have moved beyond the bilateral scope and taken on global and strategic significance. “China has all along regarded India as natural cooperative partner whose development brings opportunities to China, and has viewed China-India relations as one of its diplomatic priorities,” claimed Li.
Premier Li said that both China and India are now facing the historical mission of deepening reform, growing the economy and improving people’s livelihood.“We also share the goal of seeking domestic development and a peaceful external environment. By working together for peaceful, cooperative and common development, China and India will not only bring benefits to their own people but also contribute to peace, stability and prosperity of Asia and beyond.” It is no secret that Modi who visited China twice as the Gujarat CM and share excellent relations with Beijing. There are expectations that Modi would boost economic ties with China by managing the differences.

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