IAF scrambles jets in air scare

The Indian Air Force scrambled fighter planes from Jodhpur air base after two Turkish passenger aircraft sought to enter Indian territory from Pakistan side using similar identification codes, sparking a security alert, IAF officials said. Jodhpur is nearly 600 km from Delhi and 280 km from Jaisalmer.
The flights were on their way to Mumbai and Delhi. With the pilots giving the same Identification Friendly Foe code, which is unique to every aircraft, two MiG-21 fighters were sent from Jodhpur air base to investigate the planes over Jaisalmer. The planes were allowed to proceed after their credentials were verified, IAF added.
Identification codes are issued to commercial airplanes to establish their identity before they enter the territory of a country during international flights. The first aircraft entered Indian territory using its identification code and doubts were raised when the second aircraft gave out the same code, an IAF spokesperson said.
However, soon the pilots of Turkey flights realized their mistake and gave separate right codes.
IAF spokesperson wing commander Gerald Gulbe said one of the pilot mentioned the wrong code at which IAF pressed alert.

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