India 2024: The World's 3rd Largest Economy

New figures from the Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR) forecast the United Kingdom economy will pass Germany's post 2030, the first time since 1954.The report also places India as world's third largest economy by 2024. The CEBR survey forecasts that UK's lead economic role in the Commonwealth will soon end and India's economy is on course to overtake it within three years.
Britain's multi-billion pound sex and illegal drug industries have helped the UK leapfrog France to become the world's fifth largest economy . The latest global economic league tables include a £10bn boost in UK earnings from drugs and sex -which earlier this year led to Brussels issuing a £1.7bn bill to the Treasury . The UK's jump up the table comes with a caveat -as the French do not include prostitution or narcotics income in gross domestic product (GDP). CEBR chief executive Douglas McWilliams pointed to new evidence of “dramatic changes“ taking shape.
He said: “Slow-growing European economies are falling back and Asian economies, though their growth is slowing, are catching up, comparitively .“Although the US still tops world's economic league, revisions in the way China calculates its GDP means it is now set to overtake the US three years earlier than forecast. By 2030, the top six countries will be: China, the US, India, Japan, Brazil and the UK.

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