Somewhere in Bengaluru....

A woman was killed and three men injured when an unidentified device exploded on Church Street, off Bengaluru's showcase MG Road, on Sunday night. The explosion, in the middle of New Year revelry , prompted police to sound a red alert in the city . Alerts were sounded in Delhi and other metros as well.
The victim was identified as Bhavani, 37, of Chennai, who was on a vacation in Bengaluru with her family . One of those injured was her 21-year old nephew, Karthik. Police commissioner M N Reddi told reporters it was a “low-intensity explosion“ triggered by an improvised explosive device.
Chief minister S Siddaramaiah condemned the blast, saying: “The aim seems to spoil the mood in the city which is gearing up for New Year celebrations.High alert has been declared across the city and extra po lice forces have been deployed in public places, including bus stops, railway stations and airport. Special teams have been formed to nab those involved in the incident. Public are requested not to fall prey to any rumours.“Union home minister Rajnath Singh spoke to the chief minister soon after and promised all help from the Centre.
Bhavani, who was rushed to hospital with injuries to her head and face, died around 11 pm. Her nephew was undergoing treatment after the shrapnel ripped off bits of flesh from his left shoulder. His injuries were minor, doctors said.
The other two inujred were identified as Sandeep H, 39, an iGate employee, and his friend, 39-year-old Vinay M R, an IBM employee. Sandeep suffered injuries in his left leg. A one-inch-wide metallic pellet that ripped through Sandeep H's calf was stuck in his knee. Since he had just finished dinner, he could not be operated upon immediately . Vinay M R's injuries were minor, doctors said.
Bhavani and Karthik were walking out of Coconut Grove, a popular eatery on the street, with six other members of the family when the explosive went off around 8.30 pm. The bomb, wrapped in a lungi, is suspected to have been planted between a row of plants and the compound wall of Coconut Grove.
Bhavani, who bore the brunt of the blast, was thrown to the middle of the road. Passersby bundled the injured into an autorickshaw and took them to Mallya Hospital. Police, who arrived 15 minutes after the explosion, found a pool of blood in the middle of road and a pair of slippers lying nearby .

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