Dharavi redevelopment update

The Maharashtra state government has given its final stamp of approval for the development plan of Dharavi.
This means that the 60,000 families residing in Dharavi will be rehabilitated in 350 sq ft tenements each under the free housing scheme. The FSI approved for Dharavi is 4 and this will add another 8,000 tenements for project affected persons or for affordable housing. It will also create 40,000-50,000 flats as a free sale component.
Dharavi has been divided in to five sectors for ease of redevelopment--four are being redeveloped through public-private partnership and one is being taken care of by Mhada. The Slum Rehabilitation Authority , which is the special planning authority for Dharavi, had submitted the development draft proposal to the government in June 2014 The only change that had been recommended was increasing the area for the BMC's effluent treatment plant from 5.07 hecta res to 7.5 hectares; it has been approved by the government.
On Saturday , the Dharavi Redevelopment Authority (DRA) held a pre-bid meeting for the those interested in redevelopment of the four sectors through the PPP model. Nirmal Kumar Deshmukh, chief executive officer, DRA, said 16 real estate companies attended the meeting. These included Larsen & Toubro Ltd, Tata Realty and Infrastructure Limited, Pricewaterhousecoopers Pvt Ltd, B G Shirke Construction Technology Pvt Ltd, Oberoi Construction Ltd, Oberoi Realty Limited and Omkar, Kalpataru Ltd.
Deshmukh said the redevelopment will take approximate ly seven years to be completed and cost around Rs.22,000 crore Dharavi is spread over 557 acres and houses nearly three lakh people. “The redevelopment will bring in another 2.5 lakh people through the affordable and free sale component. The development plan provides a network of roads, amenities and civic infrastructure,“ he said.

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