Focus on Vikas: PM

Focusing on the government's development agenda in the midst of divisive debates on sedition and nationalism, PM Narendra Modi on Sunday asked BJP leaders to defeat the opposition's “conspiracy“ to entangle the government in “worthless issues“ and distract the public attention.
Addressing the BJP national executive, Modi said his experience as Gujarat CM had convinced him that ensuring the success of governance initiatives prevailed over other issues. “If you can bring a smile to the faces of farmers, of rural people, you will have succeeded. This is what shapes public opinion in the end,“ he said. He also had some advice for the party's controversial motormouths. “The reason why TV cameras seek you out is not because you are important. It is because what you say makes headlines,“ he said. To defeat negative forces, it is necessary to build intellectual capacity and content,“ he added.
There was no need for everyone to speak, Modi pointed out, referring to a wing of the party charged with this task.“Even if you do want to make a point, it might be useful to do your homework,“ the PM said. The BJP, he said, needed to move ahead with only one mantra, “vikas, vikas, vikas“. Stressing on an inclusive approach, he said, “The schemes for development and the benefit of common people should be taken to the last village and last person.“
While the PM has been criticized for not enforcing his fiat, he made his priorities clear. Though he did not refer to the JNU and `Bharat Mata ki Jai' controversies, he said, “BJP's nationalistic image is not a sudden development. Till now, all our programmes have been infused with patriotism and nationalism. These themes have been most important to us. India's unity and integrity is the basic identity of our programmes.“
The references to the need to expand the party's fold and bring some more intellectual rigour to political formula ions seemed to reflect the PM's assessment that passing political controversies will be subsumed by a more hard-headed accounting of he government's success in delivering on its promises.
“Our biggest challenge is to channelize our energies to constructive work. We should stick to our agenda and ensure the work the government is doing reaches the people,“ the PM said.

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