Somewhere in Pench....

In a big blow to tiger conservation, Pench Tiger Reserve (PTR), adjudged one of the best reserves in the country , has lost three tigers over the past two days. The postmortem reports suggest that a tigress and two of its four cubs died of poisoning, possibly after drinking from a poisoned water source or feeding on a poisoned carcass.
The deaths, which have taken the toll in Pench reserve to five this year, have exposed gross mismanagement by forest department, which allegedly did not take precautions while repairing a road in the prime tiger habitat.
On Monday evening, the famous Baghin nullah tigress, which would be frequently sighted on the Turia gate route of Madhya Pradesh Pench, was found lying dead by some tourists. The 11 to 12 year-old tigress was known to be the matriarch of PTR, having delivered four litters here. The last litter had four cubs, which are around eight months-old.
The bodies of two of these cubs, too, were found on Tuesday during a search operation. The carcass of a spotted deer was also found near the cubs.

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