GI tags issued

Seven agricultural products of Maharashtra were issued the Geographical Identification (GI) mark this week.
Beed's custard apples, Jalna's sweet oranges, Jalgaon's Bharit Brinjal, Waigaon's turmeric, pomegranate from Solapur, figs from Purandar and raisins from Sangli were issued GI certificates by the Agricultural Geographical Indications.
A GI mark is a name or sign awarded to certain products, according to their nutritional or scientific importance, corresponding to a specific geographical location or origin for it to be recognized on a national level. There is the community's intellectual property attached to that product.
Earlier this year, seven other products -Ajara Ghansal rice, Sindhudurg and Ratnagiri Kokum, Vengurla cashew, Lasalgaon onion, Waghya Ghevda, Mangalvedha jowar and Navapur tur -were awarded the GI mark.
As most of the GI products are from villages, an export market is created for these areas. Moreover, farmers are benefited by this process after they register as authorized users.
Hingmire said Rashtra Krishi Vikas Yojana, former agriculture commissioner Umakant Dangar and the Centre had been instrumental in getting the GI marks.
The custard apples from Balaghat, Beed, were awarded the GI for sweetness coming from the Total Soluble Sugar value, which is more than the apples found in UK and US. The fruit's speciality is that it grows even in rocky and waterless areas.
Jalana's sweet oranges stand out for their size, sweetness and juice content. They are also one of the most vital crops for farmers in the area.
Jalgaon's Bharit Brinjal is grown in parts of north Maharashtra, sharing its border with Gujarat. It's production was started by an old tribal community . As of today , the brinjal is served as one of the dishes on German airlines, especially Lufthansa. Waigaon's turmeric is grown in a small village of Wardha district, which is rich in curcumin content. The curcumin content gives medicinal qualities to turmeric and makes it useful for treating cancer.The standard curcumin content in turmeric is 2-4% by weight and anything over 6% is considered good. A 6.24% by weight curcumin content was found in Waigaon's turmeric by the Spice Board of India.
Solapur's pomegranates contain more anti-oxidants than any other variety , which help in fighting cancer causing agents in the body .
Figs from Saswad, Purandar, stand out for its size, colour, taste and high iron content.
The golden-green Sangli raisins melt in one's mouth and has less wrinkles on the outside, which adds to its taste.

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