Mystery over Rs.570cr TN haul deepens

The mystery behind the Rs.570 crore found in 195 boxes inside three truck mounted containers on May 13 in Tirupur district by officers on poll duty has deepened further. It now turns out that the trucks had fake registration numbers and the cash transportation documents of Reserve Bank of India too were fake. Besides, the currency bundles had Axis Bank seal and tag though the money apparently belonged to State Bank of India.
Madras HC on Thursday directed the CBI to probe the incident and file a status report in two weeks. Justice R Subbiah, hearing a writ petition of DMK MP T K S Elangovan, gave the interim direction to the central agency on Thursday . Former additional solicitor general of India P Wilson, representing Elangovan, said the vehicle documents and bank communications were all bogus. However, State Bank of India officials confirmed that the money belongs to RBI and was being transferred at the behest of the RBI. “The money was released after being cleared by RBI, Income Tax Authorities and the Election Commission. SBI has not been made part of this petition but last month a similar petition was filed which was dismissed,“ an SBI official said.
Meanwhile, the affidavit of Elangovan read, “ All the three trucks had registration numbers of Andhra Pradesh. The number of one of them, AP-13 X 5204, is that of an Innova owned by a man named Jaffer Ahmed Khan. The registration number AP-13 X 8650 be longs to Kaja Mohammed and the AP-13 X 5203 belongs to Salim Mohammed. But, interestingly, the RC book for both the vehicles had the photograph of one person. It means the owner of one lorry is not a genuine person, or both vehicles stand in the name of fake persons.“
The transaction involving three containers without proper documentation and through vehicles with bogus doucments and fake owners, besides false letters from State Bank of India claiming it had permission from Reserve Bank of India Chennai when no such a clearance was given, clearly shows the money is tainted and used for hawala transactions, it said.

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