Water ebbs to zero in Marathwada dams

The pre-monsoon showers in the catchment areas of dams in Marathwada, including major irrigation projects, have failed to make any noticeable change in the storage levels of these reservoirs.
While nine out of the 11 major irrigation projects in the region have hit dead storage, the combined live storage of these dams has come down to 0% by Friday , compared to 4% at the same time last year and 21% in 2014. While most of the 814 irrigation projects in the region continue to show dead storage, a few left with some live storage have been showing meagre stock of just 1%, ie, 58 million cubic metre (MCUM) water, as against combined storage of 335 MCUM (4%) last year and 1,414 MCUM (18%) in 2014. “At least 150mm rainfall is required to surpass infiltration of water into catchment areas.Nearly 8.5 thousand million cubic feet (TMC) water out of total 26 TMC dead stock of the project has been exhausted. The dam is holding only around 9 TMC usable water with remaining stock having majority of silt in it,“ senior irrigation department officials said.

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