Modi issues `7 commandments' for partymen

PM Narendra Modi set out a seven-point code of conduct for BJP members that stresses qualities like restraint and balance which, he said, should be reflected in individual actions as well as policies.
Along with the exhortation that the party needs to deliver--an issue that will be in focus as the government's tenure progresses--Modi's stress on conduct seems to come in the backdrop of controversies like the resignation of Maharashtra revenue minister Eknath Khadse over an alleged land deal scam.
Modi's focus on qualities like “service, balance, restraint, harmony , positivity, coordination and dialogue“ reads like a caution that leaders should be careful about the taint of controversy . The possible inferences can range from self-indulgent selfies, indiscreet comments on sensitive issues to controversial social contacts.
The PM's advice at a time when the government has completed two years in office was accompanied by a pledge that he would devote his heart and soul to the cause of the country even as he said his two years had been marked by a record production of coal, power and urea.
The government, he said, had scripted a success story by turning what used to be a situation of policy paralysis to making India a global “bright spot“. He expressed hope that important legislations would be passed by Parliament as most parties were backing the efforts to improve governance.
The reference to the need to deliver beyond slogans was read as a bid to avoid complacency and alert the party about the challenges of governance with BJP now being in office in several states, many added to its kitty after the 2014 Lok Sabha polls.
The invocation of service (sewa), balance (santulan), restraint (sanyam), coordination (samanvay), positivity (sakaratmakta), harmony (sadbhavna) and communication (samvad) also reflected the PM's concern about the acts of some BJP leaders.

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