Delhi - Jaipur Super Expressway snippets

The new speedway will not originate in Delhi. It will branch out from the Delhi-Gurgaon expressway near the Kherki Daula toll plaza in Gurgaon and pass through seven districts before terminating at the Rajasthan capital. Its total length will be 195 km, as opposed to around 235 km that one needs to travel to get to Jaipur from the same point, with a main carriageway of six lanes and will be fully access-controlled.

Officials said the `super expressway' would make the Gurgaon-Jaipur journey possible in 120 minutes. At present, the journey takes anywhere between four and five hours, or even more if there is heavy traffic.

The earlier plan was for a 226 km greenfield expressway starting near the Indira Gandhi International airport and terminating at Daulatpura in Jaipur. But the route was modified because of the cost factor.The expressway will now terminate at Chandwaji in Jaipur district. The new alignment has brought down its land requirement from 2,800 hectares to 1755.90 hectares.

The `super expressway' is expected to cost of Rs.6,530 crore to build.Its rehabilitation and resettlement cost is also a sizable Rs.5,000 crore as most of the land that needs to be acquired for the project is privately owned.

The `super expressway' will pass through 423 villages in seven districts -Gurgaon, Jhajjar, Rewari, Mahendergarh, Alwar, Sikar and Jaipur.Out of the 1755 hectares that need to be acquired, 360.65 hectares is government land, 1.22 hectares is part of a reserve forest area and 38 hectares are `protected forest' land in Haryana and Rajasthan. Land will be acquired by NHAI.

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