Govt to auction 5G spectrum

The government is set to go for 5G spectrum auction this year, making an early move to initiate rollout of latest communications technologies. The government will also go for a fresh auction in 700 MHz band, which drew a blank last year as companies complained of high reserve price.

The 5G auction will be conducted by selling spectrum in bands over 3,000 MHz, and sale will be conducted here for the first time. Also on sale will be any remaining spectrum in bands such as 800 MHz, 900, 1,800, 2,100, 2,300 and 2,500 MHz.

5G spectrum will be sold in bands such as 3,300 MHz and 3,400 MHz and the government expects that these will be put up for use of a host of new-age initiatives and services, including internet of things, machine-to-machine communications, instant high-definition video transfer and downloads, and connected smart cities.

According to the latest global mobility report by Ericsson, 5G networks are expected to be commercially available in 2020. By 2022, Ericsson forecasts 55 crore 5G subscriptions and coverage of 10% of global population for the technology . The government had dropped hints about making spectrum auctions an annual affair and officials said this was being done to “end complaints about spectrum scarcity , once and for all“.

Last time, the 700 MHz band got no response due to a pan-India reserve price of Rs.55,000 crore per block of 5 MHz. Sources said this would be “re-calibrated“ this time around. 

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