Pune: ‘City’s first lotus lake’ to come up at Khatpewadi

The Ramnadi Restoration Mission, which is working to revive the 19km-long Ramnadi, that flows through the western fringes of the city, has announced that it is setting up Pune’s first lotus lake at the Khatpewadi lake, near the source of the river.

The organisers of the mission said that lotus plantation is being carried out in three methods -using seeds, saplings as well as lotus tubers. The lotus plantation, and the creation of the lake, the RRM said, will help to improve the vitals of the water using the qualities of lotus flower and plant.

The lotus plantation drive is being led by Sanjay Gurav, a fine arts teacher from Khamgaon in Vidarbha. “I wanted to use lotus ponds to enhance the health of the water near the source of the river. The lotuses will bloom in the lake over the next six to seven months,” Gurav said.

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