The Indo-US Nuclear Deal's Journey So far

July 18, 2005 Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and President Bush agree in principle to a landmark civilian nuclear deal. The deal reverses 30 years of US policy opposing nuclear cooperation with India because it never signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty.
March 3, 2006 Bush visits India and meets Manmohan Singh. The two leaders agree on India’s plan to separate its civilian and military nuclear reactors, a key requirement for the deal.
March 15, 2006 US Rep Henry Hyde and Senator Richard Lugar, at the request of the Bush administration, introduce a legislation that would advance the India-US nuclear agreement and weaken the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 .
Dec 8-9, 2006 Both houses of US Congress pass final version of the nuclear deal. The bill is passed with the inclusion of some of the added nonproliferation measures.
August 3, 2007 Text of the bilateral India-US pact, called the 123 Agreement, is unveiled simultaneously in both countries. Indian analysts say it meets most of New Delhi’s demands, but Left parties threaten to withdraw support over the pact.
July 7-9, 2008 In the wake of PM’s statement saying India is going to IAEA, Left withdraws support to UPA govt. India submits the restricted safeguards agreement to the IAEA for clarification and the final go July 22, 2008 Manmohan Singh wins trust vote in LS.
Aug 1, 2008 The deal clears its first global test as the IAEA board unanimously approves the safeguards pact. The first NSG meeting on August 19 is adjourned as six countries raise objections to a clean waiver to India. The second round begins on September 4 .

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Anonymous said...

I wish to see what will be the face value of this waiver & exemptions if India go to do a Nuclear test TOMORROW or ANYTIME or If India decides to go ahead with LPG pipeline project with Iran. Legacy Of Americans tell us they will lick as long as one being obedient to them otherwise they will suck. Also, I hope Manmohan singh would be alive that time.

As always, Illiterate (Sorry, I meant to say common man is still don”t know what is this deal, they just know their daily life is MISERABLE because of UNAFFORDABLE COST OF LIVING) and comic goons are on the street celebrating beating drums as if they got independence from Americans!!.

Almost 75% of Indians are still living in utter poverty not because our country didn”t have NSG waiver and Nuclear deal. Now we are forced to believe that India remains the poorest because we didn”t have this deal.They people who are going to prosper by this deal are a group of American businessmen,a section of NRIs acting as middlemen and CROOKED POLITICIANS IN INDIA.That will remain as a truth.

If this deal is all about ending acute power crisis in this country, the people all the way praising this deal should wait and see whether this will end the electricity appetite of this nation and how it is going to elevate the poor people of this country. A country with no specific and strict protocols to stop the simple technical faults, transmission leaks and THEFT in electrical transmission systems yet. A country where disaster management,planning & coordination is a myth even in this 21st Century. Still millions are left out homeless in floods every year. who care about them???? I am wondering what this deal is all about!.

“INDIA IS MY COUNTRY AND I AM PROUD OF BEING AN INDIAN” But that words never matched the deeds in this country by its leaders.It is 21st century and India became worst than certain improvished African countries in many aspects if not all.Look at the the utter poverty,Illiteracy,uncontrolled population growth,rampant corruption,bribery,beurocracy,
violence,dirty politics,Pseudo-secularism,appeasement politics..WHAT NOT THERE.

Unless and until you correct the fundamentals and basic needs of this country It is just a fantasy dream that India become a superpower.For that we need is a realistic approach..visionary leaders..national integrity and patriotism.

Nuclear deal will not fill the stomach of poor people in this country.It is rubbish and foolishness when someone said Nuclear deal will bring down inflation!!!!.What a pity state of affair!

What kind of leaders our people choose and send to parliament, and the people shall have to pay the price for it. What a pity situation of my country!.People are being treated as idiots by their own leaders. This what is Indian democracy!.

Indians will have to wait for many years and luckly if there is a visionary leader with strong political will and nationalistic agenda, then their dreams can be fullfilled. Otherwise the pockets of polticians are only going to be filled with currencies!