Vision Tamil Nadu --2023

Tamil Nadu deputy chief minister O Panneerselvam said the government will work towards making the state an attractive investment destination, which would have an infrastructure investment of $250 billion by 2023 in the “Vision Tamil Nadu --2023” document.

TN's per capita income is expected to reach that of upper middle income countries by 2023, said Panneerselvam on the sidelines of the 2nd United Economic Forum’s Trade Summit.

Panneerselvam said the investment commitments of ₹71,750 crore and MoUs to the tune of ₹2,600 crore is proof of the burgeoning investment climate in the state. “It is significant that the UEF is promoting investments through Sovereign Wealth Funds, Private Equity Funds, and Sharia funds. We have established, the Tamil Nadu Infrastructure Fund, which is the first Category Alternative Investment Fund established by any state government under SEBI regulations,” he added.

“Tamil Nadu, which attracts the third highest FDI in the country, will work towards a more inclusive growth pattern, which provides more opportunities for gainful and productive employment for all, and care for the disadvantaged, vulnerable, and destitute. In 1991, the per capita income of the state was lower than the national average, and today, we are more than 80%, above the national average,” said the deputy CM.

On the government's New Industrial Policy, launched in 2014, the deputy CM said, “We are reworking elements of the policy to keep in tune with the latest developments, including the introduction of GST. The effort is to not only retain Tamil Nadu’s lead in the sectors that it is strong in, but also make a breakthrough, in emerging and sunrise sectors.”

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