Do these Politicians work for our Nation's Interests?

Seeing the reaction of our Politicians to the Nuclear Deal...it has struck me that we have a bunch of greedy opportunists in the political class.There seems to be the hunger for Power of the Political kind and not of the Nuclear kind that dominates them.
Parties like the Shiv Sena and the Shiromani Akali Dal support the Nuclear deal but will vote against it.The Left is toying with the idea of supporting the BJP too and no we are not talking on this deal!Mayawati calls the deal anti-Muslim.Wonder what she is thinking..the deal can either be good for India or bad for India..where is it communal..?
The smaller parties with 1-2-3 MPs want their pound of flesh to support the deal.I hope, we the people have our heads on our shoulders and vote for candidates that care for India's future,not just their own in the elections that should follow hopefully on schedule.
Quite conveniently the BJP has discarded APJ Abdul Kalam and Brijesh Mishra.Lets see what the Jokers do on the 21st,22nd of July.No Party can claim to come clean on this one.Terrible!!!!

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