Nirula's to enter Mumbai

Nirula's, the Delhi based quick-service restaurant chain, is all set to open its first outlet in Mumbai between January and March 2009. The eatery chain, which at present has outlets across Delhi, Uttaranchal, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh, is now eyeing the western and the eastern part of the country and would like to enter states such as Maharash-tra, Gujarat, Goa and Chennai, “By this fiscal year end, we will have as many as 85 to 90 outlets,” said the Nirula's senior vice-president of marketing and sales Sudipta Sen Gupta. “We are also planning to open our first Mumbai store and then probably extend our operations to Goa.” Nirula's hopes to spend Rs 100 crore in next three years. The eatery chain, which has 60 outlets as of now, is planning to take this number to 200 by fiscal 2011. The company wants to be present in all the major metros across the country and also in the tier-II cities around these metros.
“There is lot of potential in the tier-II cities and so we are looking at extending our reach to cities such as Meerut, Zirakhpur and Moradabad,” she said. “We are targeting the middleclass and upper middleclass population for our family service restaurant.” Even though the company has raised the prices of some of its niche products such as the mutton burger and sausage pizza during April but according to a Nirula's spokesperson, the hike was not because of inflation. Sen Gupta said the eatery is taking several measures such as reducing waste during back-end operations to fight inflation. In addition, the company has tied up with Deloitte consultancy for better warehousing and logistics.
Nirula's has set up outlets in various retail formats such as a family service restaurant, Potpourri, ice-cream kiosks and fuel station units to name a few.
Nirula's, which has one separate ice-cream stall in Ghaziabad MMX mall. is planning to set up more standalone ice-cream kiosks by this fiscal end.

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