How the Chinese view India...

Chinese people are confident about their nation's place on the world stage but a poll highlights ‘significant tensions' between China and other rival powers, including India with 24% viewing New Delhi as an enemy.
Overwhelmingly, the Chinese think their country is popular abroad with roughly three-in-four (77%) believing people in other countries generally have favourable opinions of China. However, the 2008 survey by the Pew Research Centre's Pew Global Attitudes Project highlights significant tensions between China and other rival powers.Views about India are ‘mixed at best' with 25% viewing India as a partner, while asimilar number 24%describe it as an enemy,it said.Chinese view Japan with hostility.Views toward Japan are especially negative 69%have an unfavourable opinion of the country. 38% of Chinese consider Japan an enemy. Opinions of the United States also tend to be negative,and 34% describe the US as an enemy, while just 13% say it is a partner of China, says the survey.

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