26/11 : Five Years later....

Five years after 10 terrorists from Pakistan unleashed a wave of bloodbath in Mumbai, remembrances of the violence now flicker weakly....
Barring the symbolic memorial services and the ritualistic media coverage, there are barely any evident emotions that betray those 60 hours that traumatised the nation’s financial and entertainment capital. The final toll in that attack was 166 people, including 26 foreign nationals. The attack left 300 injured, besides huge damage to public and private properties. The toll on the nation’s socio-political psyche was even higher.
Five years ago, 10 Pakistani terrorists sneaked into Mumbai on November 26. Subsequent investigations revealed that three of them – Abdul Rehman, Abu Ali and Abu Soheb – went to the Leopold Cafe in Colaba and then Taj Mahal Palace Hotel; two others – Abdul Rehman Chota and Fahad Ullah – headed to the Trident-Oberoi Hotel. Nasir Abu Umar and Babar Imran alias Abu Aakasha targeted Nariman House and the final trio – Isamal Khan, Abu Ismail and Ajmal Amir Kasab – unleashed terror on the busy Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus  and later in Cama Hospital.
All the targeted locations fall within  the radius of congested south Mumbai. Nine terrorists were gunned down in security operations by Mumbai Police, Army and naval commandos and other paramilitary forces who battled them for 60 hours.

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