Residex snippets

Housing prices increased in 12 cities by up to 5.3%, while it declined in 10 cities, including the national capital, by up to 7% during the second quarter ended September 30.
Housing prices in Delhi witnessed a decline of 4.5% during July-September period compared with the previous quarter. However, it jumped by 6.7% on annual basis, as per Residex released by National Housing Bank (NHB).
On annual basis, the prices in Delhi rose by 6.7%. Maximum price moderation was seen in Meerut by 6.9% while, highest appreciation in rate was witnessed in Kolkata by 5.3%. The movement in prices of residential properties for the July-September quarter has shown increasing trend in 12 cities ranging from 0.5% in Mumbai to 5.3% in Kolkata, and fall in 10 cities ranging from 0.9% in Bengaluru to 6.9% in Meerut, NHB said in a statement.
Index for 4 cities namely Pune, Kochi, Coimbatore and Dehradun has remained stagnant, it said. 

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