Of Andhra's new Capital....

The AP government has successfully collected consent letters to take over 32,000 acres of farm land to build the new capital city on the right bank of river Krishna. It now plans to speed up the works and complete the first phase of the project by June 7, 2018.
Though the deadline for the land pooling scheme concluded on Saturday night, officials accepted consent letters from farmers on Sunday too. Municipal administration minister P Narayana claimed the government has pooled 32,100 acres and that the government will not accept any more consent forms.
Even the riverbank farmers, who were reluctant to part with their fertile land, came forward in huge numbers to participate in the scheme. Farmers of Rayapudi, who had been resisting the alleged pressure tactics of the officials for a long time, gave up in the eleventh hour.
However, farmers in Undavalli, Penumaka, Nidamarru, Yerrabalem and Bethapudi villages did not participate in the scheme. Overall, sources said officials failed to secure consent for about 500 acres in Rayapudi, 1,000 acres each in Penumaka and Undavalli, and 1,500 acres in Nidamarru, Bethapudi and Yerrabalem villages.
“Farmers did not willingly participate in the scheme. They were under constant pressure from politicians and officials,“ said farmers' leader Mallela Seshagiri Rao. He, however, warned the government that the farmers will still approach court against the scheme.

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