Ajit Jogi rebels

With hundreds braving the rain and raising their hands in open declaration of support for him, former Chhattisgarh CM Ajit Jogi took one step further into a new political future by adopting the `Kotmi Declaration' that resolved to float a new regional party in the state.
Congress legislators at the meeting included Jogi's wife Renu, Siyaram Kaushik (MLA from Bilha in Bilaspur district) and Rajendra Kumar Rai (MLA from Gunderdehi in Durg district). There were 10 former MLAs and a sprinkling of ex-ministers at an impressive gathering in the Marwahi (ST) assembly segment, represented by Jogi's son Amit.
“Ab main azaad hoon (I am free now),“ Jogi said in the course of his hour-long speech. He spoke about development issues and the “misrule“ of the Raman Singh government, but surprisingly kept quiet about Congress. After his speech, Jogi asked the people to fill up and submit a form suggesting a name and symbol for the party to be floated.
Some of the names proposed were Chhattisgarh Vikas Congress, Chhattisgarh Lok Party , Chhattisgarh Jan Congress, Chhattisgarh Swaraj Party , and Chhattisgarh Rashtriya Samiti. A decision is yet to be taken. “I will go by the majority's suggestion. We will decide the party's name and symbol on the basis of your suggestion,“ he said.

As former Chhattisgarh CM Ajit Jogi adopted a `declaration' to float a new party in Chhattisgarh, Congress on Friday down played the rebellion, saying Jogi has the support of only one MLA. Congress general secretary Digvijaya Singh said, “I congratulate him on his decision. But I would like to tell you that leaving his wife and daughter only one Congress MLA has supported him.This proves that the rest of Congress inmates are united.“

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