60% rise in Aadhaar enrolments

India saw the largest number of people enrol for Aadhaar cards in the month following demonetisation, providing a boost to the government's aim of building a cashless economy .
The monthly Aadhaar enrolments during December 2016 for the entire country saw a 60% rise compared to the previous month.

While in October, 12.19 million people enrolled for Aadhaar, the figure dropped to 10.49 million in November. But December saw a sharp surge with 16.05 million enrolling for the card, the highest enrolment for a month in 2016.  In the first week of January , over 3.63 million people enrolled for Aadhaar, taking the total number of Aadhaar enrolments to 110 crore. This translates to 98% adult population coverage. The reason for the sudden rise in the enrolment numbers in December could be attributed to the aftereffects of demonetisation with people realising that having the 12-digit number could come handy for bank transactions.

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