H5N1 reported in Ahmedabad

Bird flu has reared its head in Ahmedabad city. This is the second coming of the H5N1 virus, while the first was reported in Gujarat in 2006.
The animal husbandry department has confirmed that seven samples of bird carcasses and three blood serum samples of live birds retrieved from birds kept at the Asha Foundation NGO at Hathijan tested positive for bird flu.The samples were sent to National Institute of High Security Animal Disease in Bhopal.
The state animal husbandry department has ordered culling of birds at the NGO and on neighbouring farms.

The state government sounded an alert and declared a 10 km radius of the NGO's facility in Hathijan a `regulated zone'. Any movement of birds, eggs, bird droppings, farm machinery or other equipment will also restricted in this regulated zone.

Since the birds had been received by Asha Foundation from Crawford Market in Mumbai, the Maharashtra government has been alerted about this as well.

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