Pune: New airport land acquisition process to start from March

District collector Naval Kishore Ram said the land acquisition process for the proposed international airport from seven villages in Purandar would start next month after adequate parleys with the villagers and the due consent of the affected people.

He said the usual process of land acquisition should take a year, but the authorities were keen to complete the entire process within six months with the cooperation of farmers and the project-affected.

“We have a go-ahead from the chief minister and the deputy chief minister to start the process. Just direction from the Maharashtra Airport Development Company on the process of land acquisition is awaited,” the collector said.

A total of 2,376 hectares of land would be acquired for the proposed airport from the seven villages — Pargaon, Kumbharvalan, Ekhatpur, Munjwadi, Khanvadi, Vanpuri and Udachiwadi. The collector, Ram, said initially 2,000 hectares would be acquired. The rest of the land would be acquired later, he said.

The project-affected would be compensated through the “direct purchase” method. The collector said the “direct purchase” method entailed paying the compensation amount in cash. The landless people would be given land in return after discussions, he said. The direct purchase method would hasten the land acquisition process, the collector said.

On the delay in commencing the land acquisition process, Ram said the MADC was working on all the modalities and it should be ready in a week or two. Subsequently, the collectorate officials would initiate talks with the villagers.

He said the land acquisition process would require about four deputy land acquisition officers. Earlier, seven officers were assigned for the task.

Ram said the land acquisition process would require a little over Rs.3,000 crore. Initially, there would be about 30% of the total funds allotted for it.

A GR had stated that the state had approved Rs.3,513 crore for acquiring about 2,376 hectares of land in Purandar. The amount would be given to MADC — the Special Planning Authority for the project.

The Pune collector said the selected area was the best site for the proposed airport because it had clearances from the defence and the Airports Authority of India.

Ram said for every land acquisition there was bound to be protests. It was up to the administration to reach out to the project-hit people and convince them, he said.

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