Of India's most prosperous cities....

Credit rating agency Crisil has confirmed what many had guessed for long: newbie Gurgaon has emerged as the most prosperous city in the country, leaving financial capital Mumbai way behind.
Using ownership of consumer durables as a measure of prosperity, Crisil found Gurgaon has the largest proportion of households with all basic gadgets, including a computer or laptop. The study covered top cities in 16 states.
Gurgaon, with 27% of its households owning all gadgets, tops the list while Chennai is second with 24% such families. Bangalore comes in a close third at 23.6%. Mumbai, however, trails way behind at 15.7%.
Delhi, a city state, and union territories were not included in the study.
However, Gurgaon has a significant number of poor households with almost 7% families having no consumer durables at all. In Mumbai’s case, the figure stands at a meagre 2.2%. The consumer durables covered in the study include television sets, computers, laptops, telephones, mobile phones, two-wheelers, cars, and jeeps among others.

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