Somewhere in Andhra Pradesh....

Congress remains unfazed by the increasingly rebellious chief minister Kiran Kumar Reddy seeking a resolution against the creation of Telangana, saying it does not in any affect the legislation on statehood.
Senior Congress sources said the party was only concerned about the timeline to wind up the discussion on the central bill for division of Andhra Pradesh. “The resolution, even if it is passed by the assembly, will not impinge on the bill,” a key party manager said.
Reddy has strongly opposed the bill in the fractious assembly in which Congress members from Seemandhra region have come together against the motion. The division within Congress along regional lines has Telangana and non-Telangana members facing off.
With the President extending the discussion on Telangana bill by one week, all eyes in the Congress are on the assembly returning the legislation. A negative vote will not in any way disturb the official line for creation of Telangana as the views of the assembly have little bearing on the central project. The CM has stepped up the ante by seeking a separate resolution against the division of Andhra Pradesh. Congress is likely to go ahead with the plan to table the bill in Parliament in the coming session that will the be the last of the present Lok Sabha. However, the rebellion within party ranks has raised the headache of a split in the party ahead of Lok Sabha and assembly elections.

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