Somewhere in Bangalore....

Patriotic Bangaloreans watched with pride as the tricolour fluttered atop a 207-foot flagmast at the National Military Memorial. The flag, termed a ‘monumental flagpole’ and will hold a huge flag: 72 ft long, 48 ft wide and weighing 31 kg.
Governor HR Bhardwaj hoisted it in a fitting tribute to freedom fighter Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose on his birth anniversary. Thursday also marks the 10th anniversary of the historic Supreme Court judgment declaring hoisting of the tricolour a fundamental right of citizens of the country. The initiative, by Flag Foundation of India (FFI), aims to inspire young Indians to take pride in displaying the national flag, and instill in them a sense of nationalism.
Hailing the flagpole as a landmark, Bhardwaj elaborated the role of the armed forces and their sacrifice in making India a free nation. “This flagmast will remind us of the duty towards our motherland. People were beaten up everywhere merely for uttering ‘Vande Mataram’ during the freedom struggle. Some restrictions were put in place to ensure a citizen respects the flag and preserves its sanctity,” he said.

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