Tainted Yeddy set to return to the BJP

Keen to shore up its political fortunes, the BJP has decided to ignore pending corruption cases against B S Yeddyurappa and accept a merger with his KJP.
The Lingayat chieftain, whose departure saw the party crashing to a humiliating defeat in the May 2013 assembly elections, will return to the fold on January 18. The BJP’s decision acknowledges his importance to restrict Congress’ gains in Karnataka.
With Karnataka being the only southern state where the BJP can hope to win a decent number of seats, the party seems to have been prepared to weather criticism that it has not learnt a lesson from the Aam Aadmi Party’s spectacular showing in Delhi.
Though the BJP has pitched the governance record of its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, and has campaigned against the UPA’s corruption scandals, Yeddurappa is crucial to its southern strategy.
Most state leaders are keen that Yeddyurappa return to the fold. They argued that he is not being offered any party post immediately.
The powerful Lingayat leader was largely responsible for the BJP’s big defeat. His KJP polled approximately 10% votes, and party strategists feel his return will save the party from the drubbing it got in the assembly elections.
Yeddyurappa’s announcement on Thursday that he would merge the KJP with the BJP came after the parent party sent him a formal invitation.
The party also cleared the entry of Yeddyurappa’s supporters Shobha Karandlaje, MP Renukacharya, CM Udasi, V Dhananjay Kumar and others.

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