Lord Ram is the Imam of Indian Muslims : BJP

The famous couplet by the great Urdu poet Allama Iqbal, ‘Hai Ram ke wajood pe Hindustan ko naaz, ahle nazar samajhte hain unko Imam-e-Hind (India is proud of Ram’s being and people of wisdom consider him the leader of India)’, have put the Faizabad district administration in a fix.
In its reply to a showcause notice on using Lord Ram’s picture as background on the stage from where Narendra Modi addressed a rally in Faizabad, the BJP has stated that the deity is not related to any religion or caste but a historical and cultural figure. It said Ram, Sita and Lakshman were mentioned in the original Indian constitution.
The EC had issued a show-cause notice to BJP’s Faizabad candidate Lallu Singh for displaying the photograph of the controversial Ram temple alongside a large picture of Lord Ram in the backdrop of the stage from where Modi addressed a rally and invoked his name repeatedly.
The party also said no temple as shown in the picture exists. It was not a temple but an artist’s conception representing the reflection of Indian culture. In many Muslim countries, including Indonesia and Malaysia, Ram Leelas are performed with much fervour, the reply further said.
The BJP has tried to establish that Lord Ram, if he is considered a Hindu God, should also be considered Imam of India’s Muslims.

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