Maya dares Modi

BSP chief Mayawati dared BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi to reveal his caste identity, accusing him of conflating Priyanka Gandhi’s “neechi rajneeti” (low-level politics) remark against him with “neechi jaati” (low caste) for poll gains.
Challenging Modi to reveal his caste and spell out his accomplishments for the backwards of Gujarat, Mayawati asked, “Priyanka had accused Modi of stooping to “neechi rajneeti”. But in his Tuesday speech, he distorted this and alleged being targeted by the Congress because he belongs to a “neechi jati’.”
“Modi says he belongs to a backward caste and is being targeted for it. I had asked this earlier as well and now demand that Modi tell the people what caste is he. Is he a Naai, Pal, Kushwaha, Rajbhar, Lonia-Chauhan? Or, is he not an OBC at all?” she asked.
Maya’s attack on Modi is significant because the 33 constituencies in east UP going to polls on May 7 and 12 have over 20% non-Yadav OBC voters, which includes the castes she named.
“I was expecting the Congress to react but the party seems to have surrendered knowing it’s losing the election. The SP, which claims to be a representative of the backward classes, too hasn’t reacted. So, I took the responsibility to make people aware of how Modi is taking them for a ride by playing backward caste card and “ghinauni rajneeti” (abhorrent politics),” said Mayawati at a press conference.
Mayawati also asked if Modi was so concerned about the backward classes, why hadn’t he condemned or distanced himself from Baba Ramdev who made a vulgar remark on Dalit women. She then said the Congress too hadn’t reacted over Ramdev’s tasteless comment despite it targeting Rahul Gandhi. Her aggressive stance was also being seen as a bid to stop the drift of Dalit and MBC votes towards the BJP.
The BSP chief also said Modi claiming he will go back to selling tea if he loses the elections doesn’t ring true. “If he fails to become PM, he will continue as Gujarat CM,” she said. Describing Modi has anti-Dalit, anti-backward and anti-Muslims, Mayawati alleged Modi played communal politics.
“On Monday, while addressing a public meeting in Faizabad, Modi tried to divide Hindus and Muslims by invoking Lord Ram while referring to Mahatma Gandhi’s “Ram Rajya’,” she said.
There’s no Modi wave, she said, adding that the BJP was losing in UP. A desperate Modi, Mayawati asserted, is distorting facts in the last two phases of the Lok Sabha campaign.

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