BJP wins BBMP again

In a huge setback, the ruling Congress in Karnataka has lost the BBMP polls to the BJP, which has performed a hat-trick by retaining the 198-member corporation.
The victory was significant enough for the BJP's national leaders to congratulate the state unit on its victory. Ahead of the crucial Bihar assembly elections, this is a morale booster for the party, which recently won local polls in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.
PM Narendra Modi tweeted: “Thank you Bengaluru! My gratitude to people & congratulations to Karnataka BJP leaders & workers for the great BBMP election results.“
The BJP, which won 100 of the 198 seats, handed a huge defeat to chief minister Siddaramaiah, who took ownership of the rout. The Congress secured 76 seats, JD(S) 14, and independents and others 8.The decisive vote in favour of the BJP has proved pollsters wrong -they had predicted the Congress would emerge as the single largest party.
Citizens seem to have voted against three main things: One, the CM's pet project of trifurcating the city into smaller units. Two, the double standards of the Congress campaign that painted a pathetic picture of Bengaluru's infrastructure when, in fact, it has been running the city for 18 months. It's well known that a government-appointed municipal commissioner and not the corporation -has run the city .
Third, the CM's lack of empathy with the city and citizens. Siddaramaiah, a man of the masses, seems to have little time for Bengaluru. Busy with his backward-caste and agrarian politics, the CM has shown little desire to address the woes of Bengaluru's one-crore-plus citizens, especially on transit, mobility and garbage management. As the BJP was rejoicing, Siddaramaiah was closeted with senior ministers at his residence to introspect. He, of course, owned up: “Since I've taken responsibility, the ministers cannot be blamed (for the defeat).“
The biggest winner is R Ashoka. For the former deputy chief minister, keen on being the party's face in the next assembly elections, the win is a career booster. He's proven he can tackle anti-incumbency and an aggressive ruling Congress machinery to emerge victorious. Addressing the media, Ashoka received a call from BJP president Amit Shah that he was landing in the city . Shah asked him to bring five prominent victorious candidates to talk to them.
The polls clearly show the JD(S) in decline. As in the assembly elections, its hopes of being the power behind the throne have been dashed again. Facing irrelevance in a city where it has little connect with the people, the party appears to be increasingly restricted to a few Old Mysore districts. 

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