NaMo's Land Ordinance set to lapse

The Centre announced that it would allow the land acquisition ordinance to lapse and extend its norms of higher compensation and rehabilitation and resettlement as available under the old bill of 2013 to 13 central Acts. The current land ordinance will lapse on August 31 and the 2013 law would kick in for acquisitions again.
The rural development ministry issued a statement on Friday night that it was issuing a statutory order to this effect. These 13 Acts had been included in the land ordinance which will now lapse.
If the ordinance lapses without the said order, the acquisition under 13 sector-specific central Acts would bring lesser compensation than the land acquired under 2013 land acquisition Act known as right to fair compensation law.
The 13 Acts include Coal Bearing Areas Acquisition & Development Act, 1957, National Highways Act, 1956 and Land Acquisition (Mines) Act, 1885. The order follows a legal opinion after it became clear that the ordinance cannot be issued afresh.

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