BIMSTEC snippets

The recent visits by Bangladesh Prime Minister, Nepalese President and upcoming trip of Sri Lankan PM to India this week have given momentum to the BIMSTEC Motor Vehicle Agreement, envisaged as a multil-modal regional connectivity initiative between seven BIMSTEC states after the proposed SAARC MVA could not be concluded due to Pakistan's intransigence.

The BIMSTEC MVA, that will be key to the outcome of the group's fourth Summit in 2017 to celebrate 20 years of creation of BIMSTEC, will have all multi-modal features connecting Sri Lanka which is linked to the rest of six members only through air or sea. As part of this goal, the grouping also hopes to put in place BIMSTEC Framework Agreement on Transit, Trans-shipment and Movement of Vehicular Traffic.

Intra-regional connectivity and BIMSTEC process were key elements that dominated the agenda of leaders of member states: Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka to India in quick successions.

Further, a recent study conducted by Jaipur headquarted think-tank CUTS International and BIMSTEC Secretariat-based in Dhaka suggested that tourism corridors can be effective precursors to business corridors since regional tourism can help attract investment vis-à-vis building confidence among the political constituencies in the region.

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