Rumblings in AAP?!

Senior AAP functionary Kumar Vishwas has created a stir by unploading a video on Twitter which directly criticises the AAP government and chief minister Arvind Kejriwal without naming them. In the course of a 13-minute address to countrymen, in which he spoke on a range of issues -from Kashmir to Pakistan -he has virtually indicted the government for trying to protect its own when they come under the corruption scanner. “If in Delhi you form a government on the anti-corruption plank with the promise of freedom from corruption and fall silent and try to protect your own people when they come under the scanner, you will be questioned by people,“ he says.

However, the party is maintaining its composure in public and has described it as a measure of democracy within. Kejriwal even tweeted the video, describing it as “shaandaar“ and one which shakes you up from within.

Vishwas further said, “My message is clear. I have said country first, politics later. I don't want to say anything beyond that. Each is free to interpret the message his own way .“ He did point out that AAP had tweeted his video message from the official twitter handle though much after it had created a stir on social media.

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