Perceived Corruption

Karnataka occupies the first slot in a list of the states perceived to be corrupt on the basis of people's experience in paying bribes for public services. Karnataka is followed by Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Jammu - Kashmir and Punjab.

The Centre for Media Studies survey, which covered 20 states, found Himachal Pradesh, Kerala and Chhattisgarh to be the least corrupt. The report said around one-third of the households experienced corruption in public services at least once during the last one year in comparison to about 53% of households that admitted to paying bribes during a similar study in 2005. The survey covered 3,000 odd persons, both in urban and rural areas.

It also claimed over half of the respondents felt that the level of corruption had decreased in public services during the demonetisation phase of November and December 2016.

The report estimated the total bribe paid by households across 20 states and 10 services was Rs.6,350 crore in 2017 as against Rs.20,500 crore in 2005.

It added while the the bribe amount usually ranged between Rs.100-500, there were instances of people paying as much as Rs.50,000 as bribe for school admission in Maharashtra.

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