India's Scooter boom

Take a bow ladies, India's scooter boom is driven by you. According to JD Power surveys, one in every four scooter buyer is a woman. And what's more, an overwhelming majority of these women customers are young. In comparison, women motorcycle buyers are still negligible in number. The good news for two-wheeler makers is that a majority of all two wheeler sales are by first-time buyers increasing the overall vehicle pool and offering upgrade options in future.

The substantial women customers in the scooter segment is also the reason why the purchase triggers for this product is very different from the more macho motorcycles.

Scooters have become a top-growth segment in the Indian two-wheeler industry clocking a 20% CAGR which is five times that of commuter motorcycles over the past 10 years. They comprise one-third of domestic two-wheeler sales. Globally, except in China and Africa, scooters outsell motorcycles with 57% market share to 43% for bikes. Scooters are also doing extremely well in parts of the ASEAN like Indonesia and Vietnam and auto analysts expect the segment to become equally dominant as bikes in India as well.

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