National register of vehicles

Soon you will be able to find out whether a second-hand vehicle you are buying is stolen or has been involved in any crime. This will be possible as the Cabinet has approved changes in the Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill, which includes having a national register of all vehicles.

The updated details of vehicles such as the chassis number, engine number, make and year of manufacture will be available in the national register, and this will help in checking the credentials while approving the ownership transfer of all vehicles. This will also make it almost impossible for inter-state gangs to steal vehicles from one state and sell them in other states with forged documents.

The Cabinet also approved fixing the immediate compensation to road crash victims ­ Rs.5 lakh for death and Rs.2.5 lakh for serious injuries ­ besides increasing the compensation for hit and run cases from the present Rs.50,000 to Rs.2 lakh.

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