13 satellites 'to keep eye on enemies'

With the successful launch of “eye in the sky“ Cartosat-2-E satellite with surveillance capabilities, the total number of satellites being used for military purpose has gone up to 13. These satellites, which can be used for surveillance and mapping border areas, are primarily used for keeping an eye on enemies both on land and sea.

The recently launched 712-kg Cartosat-2 series spacecraft is an advanced remote sensing satellite capable of providing scene-specific spot imagery . The Cartosat-2 can accurately spot objects within a square of 0.6 metre by 0.6 metres. The 13 satellites used by the military for surveillance include Cartosat 1and 2 series and Risat-1and Risat-2. The Navy also uses Gsat-7 for real-time communication among its warships, submarines, aircraft and land systems.

India also has the capability to launch anti-satellite weapon, which is meant to destroy enemy satellites. Only the US, Russia, and China are known to have developed these weapons. However, Isro has no intention of engaging in such an anti-satellite weapon project. 

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