The Search for Saraswati

Thousands of years ago, Saraswati River used to flow in Jaisalmer and Barmer and its remains have been found at many places at these two places. There is also another reason that there are some areas where water in 40-50-year old tubewells has not depleted. The state government has made a plan of Rs.100 crore to search the extinct river in five districts of the state and its detailed project report has been sent to the Centre's water resources ministry for approval and funding. The search will be done in five districts namely Jaisalmer, Barmer, Bikaner, Ganganagar and Hanumangarh in over 543 kilometre area and it will start from Jaisalmer.

On Friday, central land study team reached Barmer and searched for the remains of Saraswati River. The Centre will also dig 122 tubewells in Barmer and Jaisalmer in search of the path of this extinct river.

Over Rs.100 crore will be spent in these four border districts.

Scientist Punia said there is mention of Saraswati River here in Vedas. There is potable water in some areas in abundance and despite exploitation, the water level in wells is not going down.

The central land study team will conduct surveys from Himalayas to Arabian Sea. Baytu area is spread over 6,000 square kilometres in which there are huge water reserves in over 434 square kilometres of area. This is the reason that around 15 villages are getting drinking water through tubewells in Bhadkha, Bothia, Chokhla, Batadu, Bhimda, Cheetar Ka Paar, Kawas etc.

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